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Dreamwealth team FAQ liner

While building wealth and making good
investment decisions are core to the value
provided by financial advisers – the real
value, from the perspective of consumers,
also lays in how advice makes them feel and
the problems it solves.
It is about building self-awareness, feeling
more in control, gaining confidence,
setting goals and achieving them to attain
peace of mind. It is important to note that
those who experience financial advice are
much more likely to identify the value of
these non-monetary benefits than those
who have yet to experience it

Perceived affordability is typically the key
barrier for many who have not sought
advice. As the benefits of advice can
be varied and need to be experienced
to be fully appreciated, the unadvised
individuals are less able to articulate the
benefits it will provide them.

When you first contact Dreamwealth Financial Strategists, be ready for a kind of superior and personalised  service that you may not have experienced before from any other financial professional. We understand that you want a personalised solution and your time is valuable, you want to be known as a person – not a number, and you may be unsure about how the financial markets, tax, insurances,  superannation or social security works. 

We will demystify and simplify the experience so you can focus on enjoying your life. 

Your first and main point of contact will be Dillon the Founder and Principal Adviser of the company; this means you can be assured that you will receive a complete service– after all, both your customer satisfaction and your results are pivotal to our success.

The prevalence of this attitude among
unadvised individuals reflects the simple
fact that they do not know what they do
not know. Whether unadvised individuals
are capable of managing complex financial
decisions, or simply just believe they can,it appears that many are demonstrably
making sub-optimal financial decisions
that leave them more vulnerable and less
financially secure.

The folllowing criteria  may apply:

  • All Medical and Dental Professionals 
  • Senior Managers and Executives 
  • Any other professionals or business owners  with household income  $250,000  or above
  • Investable liquid assets –  $250,000
  • Superannuation  – $250,000 

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