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Financial Advice Wealth Protection services at Dreamwealth

After getting to know each other a bit more, we will guide you to understanding your long-term goals and what is required in order to achieve these goals.

Once the strategy towards achieving your goals has been formulated, we will review it to ensure you are headed towards your desired financial goals and that it has left you in a better position. 

Some of the Wealth Protection techniques we use are as follows:

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a process to develop a strategy to deal with your assets upon your death. This involves legal instruments and structures such as your Will, Power of Attorney, etc. that you put in place to transfer your assets in the event of your death. We will help you identify the best approach towards achieving this.


Personal Risk Management

Your ability to earn an income is one of the most important aspects in life. There are many insurance products readily available to provide you with continued income in case of an emergency. With our vast understanding of insurance providers and products, we have the means to lead you in the right direction.



We will be there to support you with you through your required claims. Having an advisor that really understands the risks and issues you would have to face every day is very beneficial to you. Thankfully, our team is more than capable to guide you through the correct path when required.

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